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Utopia Beauty Salon and Spa housed in the Waterfront Southern Sun Hotel offers a unique and memorable spa experience. At Utopia Beauty Salon you can relax and unwind in our elegant surroundings.

Utopia Salon is located in the charming Southern Sun Waterfront Cape Town Hotel, a sanctuary that ticks every box for that blissful, indulgent break. Team Utopia is truly passionate about what we do and our passion translates into world-class pampering in an environment designed and dedicated to total relaxation. Feel every single cell in your exhausted body succumb to the magic of Utopia, where our team knows instinctively what you need. We understand exactly which muscles, ligaments and tissues require that extra touch of heavenly hands, as we guide you on your way to the bliss that embodies tranquil serenity. At Utopia, the tiniest details are prioritised to ensure your most relaxing, but rejuvenating experience is guaranteed, along with the incessant need to return before those aches and pains do!

So take that journey and discover the aromas, textures, sounds and vistas that are uniquely Utopia…
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