All skin care treatments are suitable for both men and women. All 60 minute treatments include a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Daily home care and regular professional care therapy helps achieve a healthy skin. Facials improve the skin’s tone and elasticity through deep cleansing and exfoliating to allow the skin’s surface to regenerate for a much younger looking result.

Introductory facial : 60 min – R560
Gent’s facial : 60 min – R560
Express facial : 30 min – R420

We adjust our skin products according to your skin type and the skin’s current condition and needs. Facials include deep cleanse, exfoliation, toning, blackhead extractions, mask and facial massage as well as moisturising. Express facials include cleanse, exfoliation, extraction and mask.

If you would like an invigorating circulation booster and a soft, smooth, glowing skin, try the following. Blackhead extractions on request.

Back exfoliation : 30 min – R420
Back exfoliation and mask, with soothing back massage : 60 min – R580


Massage therapy is not only amazing and indulgent but has health benefits too.
Utopia experience massage: 90 min – R830
Body massage : 60 min – R590
Back massage : 30 min – R400
Back massage : 60 min – R590
Our therapists use an oil blend to massage the muscles and connective tissues from the head and neck down to the lower back, releasing the muscle knots to calm the nerves, restore the spirit and increase circulation – a perfect tension soother. You can choose from between a gentle therapeutic or deep tissue massage treatment.
Reflexology : 60 min – R590
Reflexology : 30 min – R400
Deep pressure points are applied under the feet to relieve tension and stimulate nerve endings. This includes a short massage to restore the energy flow to the body, reinstating a sense of serenity to your day.


Hands and feet for both ladies and gents.
Mini-manicure : 30 min – R260
Nails are shaped, cuticles gently pushed back and finished with nail polish. Gents- we finish off with a hand massage instead.
Mini-pedicure : 30 min – R290
Your toe nails are shaped, cuticles gently pushed back and finished with nail polish. Gents – we finish off with a foot massage instead.
Deluxe-manicure : 60 min – R350
Cuticles are soaked, hands are scrubbed, nails are shaped, a mask is added to recondition nails and hands, a hand massage and then we complete with nail polish.
Deluxe-pedicure : 60 min – R395
Feet are soaked, then scrubbed, a mask is applied for reconditioned nails and feet, nails are shaped and finished with nail polish – your feet are renewed.
Re-varnish colour : 15 min – R155
To freshen up colour on nails between manicure or pedicure maintenance.
French paint (excluding manicure and pedicure) : R190


Gel polish on hands or feet : 60 min – R360
includes mini mani / pedi
Soak off and new gel application : 90 min – R465
includes mini mani / pedi
Soak off with no gel application : 30 min – R150
Does not include mini mani / pedi
Soak off + mini manicure : 60 min – R320
Soak off + mini pedicure : 60 min – R350
No gel application
Gel polish on feet & deluxe pedicure : 1h45 min – R620
Gel polish on hands & deluxe mani : 1h30 min – R580

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